Cold Formed Steel

Efficient. Strong. Accurate. Light Weight. 
All in one material.



Cold formed steel (CFS) is a type of steel that is formed by working processes like rolling, pressing, and bending without using heat. CFS is often used in building structures such as beams, columns, and homes. There are a number of benefits to using CFS rather than traditional framing material.


Steel is a better framing material for one because it is incredibly strong. The durability of steel is unmatched and structures are less prone to termites when CFS is used. The installation process speeds up when using steel because the material can be prefabricated to be the proper lengths and include pre-punched service holes for cable and pipe access. Consistency is another benefit to CFS since manufacturing the steel is so precise. The finished structure will be more accurate, strong, and durable than any structure made using traditional techniques.

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